Adenine, C5H5N5
Dataset Spectra
Element; Emission line;
Photon energy 1486.69eV
Spectrum type survey
Resolution 160
Lens Mode Hybrid
Dwell Time 0.06
Step size 1
Number of scans 5
Sample Metadata
Name Adenine, C5H5N5
Ex situ preparation Pellet made by pressing the powder directly on the holder by hand using clean Ni spatula
Additional Information CAS Number 73-24-5, CHR
Dataset Metadata
Measurement Date 09-11-2020
Contributor Info
Laboratory XPS Platform
Instrument Axis Ultra DLD
Profile picture of Andrey Shchukarev
Andrey Shchukarev
Calibration Info
Protocol ISO 15472:2010
Calibration date unknown
Calibration value
Emission line Au 4f7/2
Binding energy reference
Emission line N 1s
Binding energy 286
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