Terms and conditions

The SpectroscopyHub service is offered by the Max-Planck Institute for Chemical Energy Conversion (MPI-CEC) as part of its mission to make scientific data more accessible to the general scientific community.

Use of SpectroscopyHub for both uploading and downloading of data indicates agreement with the following terms:

  • SpectroscopyHub is a research data repository for making data available for research, educational and informational content purposes. Access to SpectroscopyHub content is open to all, for non-military purposes only.
  • Content may be uploaded and downloaded free of charge.
  • The uploader shall ensure that their content is suitable for open dissemination, and that it complies with these terms and applicable laws, including, but not limited to, privacy, data protection and intellectual property rights.
  • All content is provided “as-is”. Users of content shall respect applicable license conditions. Download and use of content from SpectroscopyHub does not transfer any intellectual property rights in the content to the User.
  • Users are exclusively responsible for their use of content, and shall hold MPI-CEC free and harmless in connection with their download and/or use.

MPI-CEC reserves the right, without notice, at its sole discretion and without liability, (i) to alter or delete inappropriate content, and (ii) to restrict or remove User access where it considers that use of SpectroscopyHub interferes with its operations or violates these Terms of Use or applicable laws.

Unless specified otherwise, scientific data and metadata hosted by SpectroscopyHub may be freely reused under the CC-by License agreement.

These Terms of Use are subject to change by MPI-CEC at any time and without notice, other than through posting the updated Terms of Use on the SpectroscopyHub website.

If you have any questions or comments with respect to SpectroscopyHub, or if you are unsure whether your intended use is in line with these Terms of Use, or if you seek permission for a use that does not fall within these Terms of Use, please contact us.