Cholesterol FLUKA
Dataset Spectra
Element; Emission line;
Photon energy 1486.69eV
Spectrum type O 1s
Resolution 20
Lens Mode Hybrid
Dwell Time 0.331492
Step size 0.1
Number of scans 12
Sample Metadata
Name Cholesterol FLUKA
Ex situ preparation Pellet made by pressing the powder directly on the holder by hand using clean Ni spatula
Additional Information CAS Number 57-88-5 FLUKA, C27H46O
Dataset Metadata
Measurement Date 01-10-2020
Contributor Info
Laboratory XPS Platform
Instrument Axis Ultra DLD
Profile picture of Andrey Shchukarev
Andrey Shchukarev
Calibration Info
Protocol ISO 15472:2010
Calibration date unknown
Calibration value
Emission line Au 4f7/2
Binding energy reference
Emission line C 1s
Binding energy 285
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