1. Cu in 2 mbar O2
Dataset Spectra
Element; Emission line;
Photon energy 1486.61eV
Spectrum type survey
Resolution 100
Lens Mode angle resolved
Dwell Time 0.1
Step size 0.5
Number of scans 1
Sample Metadata
Name 1. Cu in 2 mbar O2
Ex situ preparation Sample mounted on a stainless steel holder using stainless steel clips.
In situ preparation Sputter cleaned for 15 minutes using 3 kV Ar at a pressure of 1E-5 and 10 mA emission current.
Additional Information Cu foil measured in 2 mbar O2.
Dataset Metadata
Measurement Date 09-02-2020
Measurement conditions
Condition Value Units
pressure 2 mbar
temperature 25 C
ambient composition O2 none
Spectrometer Settings
Analyzer Mode FAT
Area 0.8 mm diameter
Strength 150 W, 15 kV
Source Beam Size 0.8 mm diameter
Take Off Angle 90 degrees
Analyzer Acceptance Angle 22 degrees
Contributor Info
Laboratory Surface Analytics
Instrument Phoibos NAP-150
Profile picture of Mark Greiner
Mark Greiner
Profile picture of Gudrun Klihm
Gudrun Klihm
Calibration Info
Protocol ISO 15472:2010
Calibration date 06-02-2020
Calibration value
Binding Energy 83.96
Emission line Au 4f7/2
Instrument value 1
Binding Energy 932.64
Emission line Cu 2p3/2
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1. Cu in 2 mbar O2 1

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Mark Greiner ·

The presence of gas phase O2 really changes the background quite a bit.
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