Cerium (III) Nitrate Hexahydrate
Dataset Spectra
Photon energy 1486.69eV
Spectrum type valence
Resolution 20
Lens Mode Hybrid
Dwell Time 0.233481
Step size 0.1
Number of scans 25
Sample Metadata
powder pellet
Name Cerium (III) Nitrate Hexahydrate
Ex situ preparation Samples affixed to stage using copper tape, powders pressed into pellets by hand using spatula
In situ preparation N/A
Dataset Metadata
Measurement Date 17-03-2020
Contributor Info
Laboratory HarwellXPS (Harwell Hub)
Instrument Supra
Profile picture of Mark Isaacs
Mark Isaacs
Calibration Info
Protocol ISO 15472:2010
Calibration date 10-02-2020
Calibration value
Binding Energy 83.95
Emission line Au 4f7/2
Binding energy reference
Emission line C 1s
Binding energy 284.8
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